RapidResponse Sign in Help

Your RapidResponse administrator provides you with a company ID (used only with the On-Demand RapidResponse service), user ID, and password. The company ID and user ID are not case sensitive; the password is case sensitive (for example, KINAXIS is not the same as Kinaxis or kinaxis). If you are having trouble signing into RapidResponse, you might have CAPS LOCK enabled on your keyboard. After signing in, you might be prompted to change your password.
If you do not want to type the company ID and user ID the next time you access RapidResponse on this computer, select the Remember my Company and User ID check box.

System requirements

The RapidResponse desktop client runs as a standalone Java Web Start application but is started from a Web browser and requires a supported Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
You can test the version of the JRE you are using by visiting http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml. You can also download a supported version of the JRE by visiting http://www.java.com/en/.
It is strongly recommended that your system has the latest service updates and patches applied to operating systems, browsers, and JREs to maintain system performance and security.
The RapidResponse service supports different versions of the RapidResponse system. Each version has unique system requirements. The following pages list the system requirements for the latest versions of RapidResponse:

Video help

The following video provides an overview of how to sign into the RapidResponse desktop client.

RapidResponse Mobile client

To start the mobile client, sign in from this page: